Tufin’s Workflow Integrator app integrates with SecureChange to build custom code-free integrations between SecureChange and any other REST API-based solution, such as ITSM, IPAM, Vulnerability Management, SIEM, and more. Organizations can use this solution to enhance their existing change management process, and increase their efficiency with automated data submission and/or retrieval steps. Customers select existing workflows in SecureChange, configure the data exchange between the SecureChange server and third-party server, and map data field values and prior or subsequent automated steps, and configure the trigger.

Version v0.3.31
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Change mongod name to extmongod
Version v0.3.30
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Import workflow list from SecureChange
  • Show every step in the workflow
  • Validate the inputs
  • Configure the script triggers automatically
  • List the predefined placeholders
  • Bearer authentication
  • Group Modify field
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