Tufin’s Workflow Integrator app integrates with SecureChange to build custom code-free integrations between SecureChange and any other REST API-based solution, such as ITSM, IPAM, Vulnerability Management, SIEM, and more. Organizations can use this solution to enhance their existing change management process, and increase their efficiency with automated data submission and/or retrieval steps. Customers select existing workflows in SecureChange, configure the data exchange between the SecureChange server and third-party server, and map data field values and prior or subsequent automated steps, and configure the trigger.

Important notice: if you are upgrading to TOS Aurora 21-3, you must download and reinstall this app.

Version v3.0.3
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fixed overwrite server in step trigger
  • Fixed login authentication for TOS R22.1
Version v3.0.2
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fixed LDAP user permissions
Version v3.0.1
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Allow "After request" field for GET request
Version v3.0.0
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Only a user with workflow permission can login
  • GET request is now supported
  • Refresh Token Grant Type for Oauth2 is now supported
  • A new placeholder that retun the full requester name
  • Supports DNS object type in the ar_as_string placeholder
  • Changes to the user interface
  • Bug fixes
Version v2.0.8
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fixed ticket info special characters in Aurora
Version v2.0.7
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fixed step automation failed if the step has multiple assignees
  • Fixed Aurora installation if tos version command returns TOS Aurora
Version v2.0.6
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fixed step automation failed if the step has multiple assignees
  • Fixed Aurora installation if tos version command returns TOS Aurora
Version v2.0.5
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Revert back the ar_as_string placeholder format
Version v2.0.4
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fixed a typo in the ar_as_string placeholder
Version v2.0.2
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix fetch token of OAuth2 if a scope parameter is provided
  • Fix the workflow save if the workflow is assigned to another publisher
Version v2.0.1
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix login page authentication in Aurora
Version v2.0.0
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Creating custom placeholders
  • Bug fix
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Huge potential for cross-plattform automation
5 / 5
I found your Workflow Integrator a very interesting option for many integration topics. Thank you for contributing it in the marketplace! Installation was smooth and without any obstacles. Documentation is already there an growing as it seems. The wording "inbound"/"outbound" for the REST calls were a bit misleading for me. I see use cases not only with third-party APIs but it give also a large variety of option with the other Tufin APIs. As this is only the version 0.4.4 I give it a 5 star rating and looking forward to see it evolving. One detail: When trying to get the focus with the mouse on a input field, it need to be on the line to work. It could be on the box to be more comfortable for mouse usage.