Tufin’s Vulnerability-based Change Automation app (VCA) enables Tufin SecureChange customers to expand their risk-based access request workflows to reflect the results of vulnerability scan results. Customers can automatically check source and destination assets for known vulnerabilities prior to granting access or connectivity.   Risk levels are pulled from existing vulnerability scanners based on historical data or active scans. SecureChange workflows can be fully automated so that risk assessments can be consistently integrated into your existing change management processes, and fully documented for audit assurance.


With the Tufin Vulnerability-based Change Automation app users can:

  • Make accurate risk decisions based on policy and security data
  • Enable the business by reducing reliance on security teams to manually review each access request
  • Maintain a consistent and documented security policy-based change management process

Important notice: if you are upgrading to TOS Aurora 21-3, you must download and reinstall this app.

Version v1.2.1
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Fixed asset IP retrieval from T.io
Version v1.2.0
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Supports TOS R21-3
Version v1.1.1
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Upgrade pip version for platform compatibility
  • Works on both Aurora and Classic
Version v1.1.0
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Works on both Aurora and Classic
Version v1.0.6
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Supports workflow with a minimum of 3 steps
Version v1.0.5
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Integrates with SecureChange workflow Risk Analysis
  • Supported vulnerability management systems, Tenable, Qualys, Rapid7 and Nessus
  • Retrieve vulnerabilities from historical results or by creating a new scan
  • Vulnerability access request report
  • Email alerts in case of errors
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