Tufin SecureTrack integrates with IBM Resilient to provide SOC analysts with unified real-time network visibility and policy intelligence to accelerate incident response based on a rich set of real-time data, while using automated, playbook-driven response in IBM Resilient.

With the Tufin IBM Resilient App, security analysts can:

  • Automatically gather critical network intelligence to provide communication path context to incident indicators
  • Visualize network topology and application connectivity to allow investigators enhanced visibility to quickly and accurately assess the possible scope of an incident
  • Automatically initiate, design and implement network access changes using playbooks and Tufin workflows (e.g. to contain potentially infected systems)
  • Maintain compliance and adherence to established change control processes throughout the incident, with full auditability

The Tufin IBM Resilient App can be found in the X-Force/App Exchange.

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