Tufin's Security Policy Builder (SPB) marketplace app empowers organizations to easily build and deploy their corporate access network segmentation framework across their network utilizing existing solutions.

SPB analyzes rules to build and maintain Unified Security Policies (USPs), which are used by Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) to ensure that your access policies comply with your corporate or legislative network standards. Analyzing your network access across each enforcement point is often an overwhelmingly large task. SPB automates that task by using selected SecureTrack security zones, monitored network security devices and cloud security groups to build or update USPs that accurately reflect the current state of your access enforcement.

The SPB enables you to:

  • Choose defined SecureTrack security zones* for inclusion
  • Generate a USP template based on access between security zones
  • Review analysis on trends and make modifications
  • Push the USP to SecureTrack
  • Analyze existing USPs for differences between desired segmentation and existing access

* Existing IPAM Security Policy App (ISPA) customers can have their zones automatically populated and maintained.

Version v1.0.1
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Fixed permissions bug
Version v1.0.0
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Create new USPs or sync USPs from TOS
  • Analyze USP based on device rules
  • Review USP cells rule stats
  • Review and resolve USP cells conflicts upon analysis
  • Push USP to SecureTrack
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