The SecureTrack Reporting Essentials (STRE) is a Marketplace application for generating a wide variety of operational reports based on SecureTrack data in a format that is easily read and understood. Reports can be either vendor agnostic or vendor specific.

Each report is generated from a predefined report template that you can configure according to your preferred settings. These report settings can then be saved for future use. You can define which information is displayed, how frequently the report output is generated, and the date and time in which it is distributed to recipients. These automation capabilities eliminate the need to manually create reports (although this feature is also supported), and allow you to align the timing of the report output distribution to when it is required. This will allow you to automatically distribute reports before reoccurring meetings, and enable participants to come better prepared.

Report recipients can view the generated reports in their browser, and/or you can distribute the reports as PDF or CSV files.


The STRE reports are used in a wide variety of use cases. For example, you can use the reports to:

  • Detect unauthorized policy changes or device configurations that violate the corporate security policy
  • Detect connectivity interruptions
  • Detect which rules are impacting traffic
  • Summarize changes to rules and objects between revisions
  • Summarize current policies and compare them to global standards, such as PCI and ISO
  • Assess severity of violations against Unified Security Policies (USP)
  • Discover redundant rules
  • Determine the compliancy of a device's configuration


Important notice: if you are upgrading to TOS Aurora 21-3, you must download and reinstall this app.

Version v5.4.3
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Fix permissions for non-admin users
Version v5.4.2
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Fixed Best Practices Report rule sorting
  • Fixed device tree by getting all system values
Version v5.4.1
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • GraphQL pagination adjustment
Version v5.4.0
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Redesign of the Best Practices report plus new custom metrics
  • Best Practices report can be downloaded as a true PDF file
  • A list of violations and matching objects are now part of the Security Violations report
  • Improve Shadowed Rules report performance if too many rules were found
  • Rule Analytics report now works with Rule Viewer TQL
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Bug fixes
Version v5.3.2
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Fixed rule counts issue in Security violations report
Version v5.3.0
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Supports TOS Aurora R21-3
Version v5.2.5
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix network and service group objects if no members
Version v5.2.2
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Bug fixes
  • Add application to Shadowed Rules, Security Violations, Rule Analytics reports
Version v5.2.1
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix duplicate services in the Best Practices report
  • Fix the device tree builder
  • Fix the enable password if it is not provided and the device doesn't need a password for the enable mode
Version v5.2.0
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • New Device Audit report for Fortinet firewalls
  • Add a Rule Analytics report from Classic
  • Add zones and objects browser to the Policy Analysis report
  • Redesign of the Security Violations report
  • Redesign of the Shadowed Rules report
  • Enhanced PDF format for Security Violations, Device Audit, Shadowed Rules and Rule Analytics reports
  • Improve style
  • Bug fixes
Version v4.5.20
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix API paging added to device tree build
Version v4.5.19
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix Security Best Practices Report fails to start
Version v4.5.18
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix in reports using rule violations
  • Fix in infrastructure
Version v4.5.17
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix in Devices page unable to get/save credentials
  • Fix in Security Compliance report for rules with idetical source and destination zones
  • Fix in Rule and Object Changes Report unable to create a scheduled report
Version v4.5.16
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fixed bug in Security Compliance report in rules not covered by the matrix zones
Version v4.5.12
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Reduce the number of API calls in the Shadow Rules report to SecureTrack
Version v4.5.10
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix the ingress IP address in the link found in the email
  • Fix NTP IP address audit check for Cisco IOS
Version v4.5.9
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix the email link to the Security Best Practices report
  • Add rule number to the Shadowed Rules report
Version v4.5.8
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Fix various bugs in different reports
  • Display report time according to the local timezone
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