The Rule Lifecycle Management App (RLM) is a Tufin Marketplace application that simplifies and manages the rule review and certification process. With this app, you automatically identify expiring or expired rules and map them to their owner(s), enabling simple recertification or decertification of the rule. The process results in appropriate tickets opened in Tufin's SecureChange product where the policy and metadata changes are implemented, effectively eliminating many of the manual steps normally required for orchestrating what is often a manual and complex process.

The RLM enables you to:

  • Configure a rule review process based on a generic model
  • Identify inactive owners for rule reassignment
  • Orchestrate rule review across owners
  • Automate rule certification, changes when needed, and disablement when appropriate
  • Maintain a consistent audit trail


The RLM is a subscription application which can be used without restrictions for 30 days by existing Tufin SecureChange customers.

Version v1.0.3
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Support TOS version 21-2
Version v1.0.1
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Fix ldap users when the owner name in the group is not a SecureChange username.
  • Enhance the sync info page.
  • Fix save settings if SMTP passowrd is already set.
  • You can now search the dropdown list on the settings page.
Version v1.0.0
Compatibility R20-2 or above
  • Find expiring or expired rules
  • Assign rules to owners based on networks
  • Enabling owners to easily recertify or decertify their rules
  • Uses Rule Decommission workflow to disable rules that have been decertified.
  • Uses Rule Modification workflow when multiple Rule Owners disagree about the certification decision.
  • Send out email notifications that alert Rule Owners about rules that require their attention
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