Policy Change Automation App for Cisco ACI (PCA) is a Tufin Marketplace application that helps network and security teams manage and automate security policy changes to the Cisco ACI fabric using a SecureChange Workflow. With this app, you will be able to rapidly provision changes to the relevant EPGs and non-ACI assets – both on-premise and in public cloud environments.

To create the seamless integration between SecureChange and the ACI fabric, PCA uses a SecureChange Access Request Workflow and an Ansible Playbook, providing a standardized process for automating the entire flow from opening the ticket to provisioning the changes. PCA allows you to ensure that access changes to contracts and multi-vendor firewall rules are implemented quickly and accurately throughout the hybrid environment, according to your organization’s security policies.

Please note that the appropriate SecureChange licensing for ACI is required to use the app.

Version v1.3.0
Compatibility R21-1 or above
  • Supports TOS R21-3
Version v1.2.0
Compatibility R21-1 or above
  • Supports external EPGs
Version v1.1.0
Compatibility R21-1 or above
  • Availiable for TOS Aurora and Classic
Version v1.0.0
Compatibility R21-1 or above
  • Integrates SecureChange access request workflow and Ansible
  • Supports SecureChnage external provider to show ACI EPGs as objects
  • Easy UI to set up the integration
  • Automatically promotes the ticket upon completion of Ansible jobs
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