IPAM Security Policy App is a Marketplace application that integrates between SecureTrack and external IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions. SecureTrack users use this app to create and maintain accurate SecureTrack zones, maintain consistent visibility over network risk, and increase the return on investment from your existing security tools. IPAM Security Policy App customers:


  • Enhance team-wide transparency through automated IPAM/DDI syncs
  • Improve the accuracy of your Unified Security Policy zones/network segments 
  • Save time by automating subnet syncing from your existing single source of IP truth 
  • Further, improve your security policy compliance and security posture by driving accurate alerts
  • Accurate and regularly updated network segments in SecureTrack zones empower your organization to readily determine the governing access between them in the SecureTrack Unified Security Policy. The result is consistent security policy enforcement despite ongoing changes to your network.


The API-to-API app retrieves the subnets from your existing solutions and imports them directly into SecureTrack mapped to the correct domain and network zones. Scheduled (or manually initiated) syncs automate your subnet data retrieval and sync processes, which result in accurate alerts on inadvertent policy violations, and ensure that new access requested is accurately assessed for risk.


The IPAM Security Policy App provides analytics capabilities to provide valuable insights on important KPIs, such as subnet distribution between SecureTrack zones, shadowed and duplicate subnets, subnet data sources, and time-based network management trends that enable you to understand the impact of the changes to your broader network.


Tufin Vulnerability Mitigation App customers will also benefit from using this app to populate SecureTrack zones for contextual analysis of vulnerabilities in critical network zones.


The app supports integrations with Bluecat, efficientIP, Infoblox, and phpIPAM.


You can see a video overview of the app here.

Version v1.1.0
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Supports TOS Aurora and Classic
Version v1.0.5
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Integrates with InfoBlox, BlueCat, EfficientIP and phpIPAM
  • Create and maintain accurate SecureTrack zones
  • Offers analytics capabilities that can be used to gain valuable insights on important KPIs
  • View, search and filter subnets from all zones and domains in one page
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Great shot
5 / 5
This app is easy to install and brings a lot of value to the customer. We used to automate this use case using Scripts and API but the UI is more convenient. In more complex scenarios were there is additional logic needed in the syncronization the app might not be rich enough yet.