Tufin's SecureApp integration with Cisco Tetration provides organizations with a fast and efficient way to continuously monitor application connectivity and track dependencies.

Tufin SecureApp retrieves application connectivity profiles from Cisco Tetration based on network telemetry data. New application connection profiles can be created, and existing application profiles updated over time, to ensure complete visibility by network security teams and reduce costly outages to business-critical applications. Once an application profile is stored in SecureApp, the application connections are:

  • Created and updated
  • Calculated for compliance
  • Monitored for outages
  • Restored in the event of an outage

The evaluation license is included at /opt/tufin/extensions/tetra/license

Version v2.1.12
Compatibility R19-1 or above
  • Importing Tetration applications into SecureApp
  • Replace or skip large domain scopes
  • View imported applications in SecureApp
  • Reports